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Thursday, December 18, 2014

SD card data recovery after formatting

The internal memory of my phone is not that big, so I plug a SD card into it to save more files on the phone. But unfortunately, the SD card was formatted by my little brother by accident when he saw pictures stored on it. Those pictures are very important and crucial for me, so I can I lose them and have to get them back. But I have search for many materials to recover them, all of them turned out wrong. What should be done to retrieve lost data from the formatted SD card?  -Angus
Have you ever heard of this example? What’s more, there is another case of formatted micro SD card as follows:

Do you have any idea how to get lost files back after formatting micro SD card? I formatted the micro SD card by error the other day and need to restore files saved on it at the previous time. Do you know what the proper way is and can you tell me what it is? By the way, I just need to recover pictures stored on the micro SD card, because I have back up other types of files. Can you help me restore lost photos from micro SD card after formatting?  -Cary

How to get lost files back from the formatted SD card

After seeing examples above, are you thinking of ways to recover lost information from the formatted SD card or micro SD card? As a matter of fact, it is really possible to restore what we need after formatting the SD card or micro SD card. We can follow steps below one by one to retrieve lost contents from the formatted SD memory card:

Step1. Download data recovery software and install it on the computer.

Step2. Connect the formatted SD card or micro SD card to the same computer by plugging it to a card reader at first.

Step3. Open the data restoration tool and choose recovery model and aim disk to scan.

Step4. We can preview contents in the list after the scan if files we want to restore are photos, and then we can pick up files wanted to recover.

Step5. Select one of the computer hard disk drives as the location to save files to be recovered.

There are tips as follows to tell us how to recover more files from the formatted memory card.

1.      Do not format the formatted SD card or micro SD memory card again.

2.      Do not save new data on the formatted SD card or formatted micro SD card until what we need have been retrieved totally.

Pay attention:
The data recovery software also allows you to recover files when SD card is not recognized or when micro SD card says not formatted error. By using this software, you can restore data after formatting CF card by mistake or CF card is not detected by PC.

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