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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recover data after formatting the Maxtor external HDD

My external HDD which bought from Maxtor was formatted by mistake the other day. Consequently, all files and folders saved on it have been lost now. Those files contain pictures, word documents, clients information, and so on. What I want to express is that those contents are very important for me ands I can not afford to lose them at all. Anyone could kindly help me get them back?  -Susan

Do you have the same trouble as formatting the Maxtor external hard disk drive accidentally and losing useful files? I would think that those files saved on the external hard disk such as Maxtor are lost permanently after it being formatted by error or on purpose in the past. But my mind is changed nowadays. Those losses could be got back from the formatted external hard disk. What’s more, we ourselves have the ability to restore them.

How to retrieve lost data from the formatted Maxtor external HDD

Step1. Download and mount the data recovery software on the computer. 

Step2. Connect the formatted external hard disk drive to the computer on which the data recovery tool launched.

Step3. Run the data restoration program on the computer. We can choose the recovery model and aim disk to scan later.

Step4. Wait some minutes patiently. And then we can preview the restorable files after the scan. Preview them and pick up the needed to recover.

Step5. Select one of the computer hard disk as the location to store files to be retrieved.

Attention should be paid

Firstly, we should not format the external hard disk drive again or more times after it have been formatted. Secondly, we should not store any new information on the formatted external hard disk drive before all needed have been restored. The new data include the data recovery tool and files to be recovered. We need to choose the location to store them and it is better to save them on one of the computer hard disks at first but not the formatted drive. 

The reason is that the reformatting and new data may damage the external hard disk drive and overwrite those original files which have been lost. Once they are overwritten, there is no way to recover them. all the attention is in order to recover data after formatting the external hadr disk successfully.
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